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The NEW LDV, fully electric, people mover

Embracing the desirability of a large SUV without sacrificing practicality.

The MIFA 9 reinvents how to transport up to 7 people in ultimate comfort and style with zero carbon emissions.



This futuristic streamlined look of the MIFA 9 is achieved without losing out on interior space or practicality.

Proving that practicality does not need in any way to compromise style.

Described as wide with a diplomatic stance, the MIFA 9 has an overall length of 5.27m, a width of 2 metres, a height of 1.84 metres and a wheelbase of 3.2 metres. 

This certainly is a premium sized MPV unit to adorn the roads of NZ.


 SAIC are the leaders in the technical revolution, continually leading the way in the development of new technology and solutions for the automotive industry.

The Motor – LDV uses the latest technology in motors, the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor- The MIFA uses a 90Kw battery to power this beast along.

  • Operating Voltage of between 302.4 and 469.8 Volts
  • Peak power of 180Kw which thrusts you along at very impressive speeds
  • Rated power of 90Kw
  • Rated torque of 120 Nm with a peak torque of 350Nm this MPV pulls hard with a fully loaded cabin.
  • The engine speed as a rated speed of 6000 RPM and at peak speed has an impressive speed of 17000 RPM – this motor is singing with a voice only described as a TENOR
  • Transmission centre distance of 185mm and a max of input torque of again 350Nm


The MIFA 9 comes in three models –

  • Elite
  • Luxury
  • Premium

Passenger Environment & Comfort

This ultimate Limousine cabin is further opened up by the presence of a full-length panoramic glass sunroof creating an light naturally lit space,  Both sunroofs and windows can all be controlled from either the rear seat pad controllers or the central front infotainment display, giving all passengers total access to customization.

At night there is no less than 64 options colour choices and pattern sequencing, which allows you to create a truly special ambience. 

Bluetooth calling has its own clever technology where it closes the windows when making and receiving calls for that quiet and personal touch

Media Reviews

Stuff - Dave McLeod
Stuff - Dave McLeod
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Why would I buy it?
This is the first and currently, only pure EV people mover in NZ and (depending on the model), comes with more features than you’ll probably ever use.

The range is great, refinement is extraordinary, and running costs are minimal - compared to fossil fuel.
Drive Life
Drive Life Fred Alvrez
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Luxury is the number one word that sums up the MIFA 9;...

The Mifa 9 should sell very, very well. It’s well made, drives great, has an excellent range and has humongous amounts of room for 7 people.

I can see the Luxury model being the real sweet spot for the Mifa 9. LDV are on to a winner.
Motoring NZ
Motoring NZ Rob Maetzig
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THIS might be first time I’ve preferred being driven.

The second row of seats in the LDV MIFA 9 people-mover in its top-of-the-line Premium format that, at $119,990 is respectively $40,000 and $20,000 above the entry Elite and mid-spec Luxury, comprises a pair of captain’s chairs.

They’re marvellous. Roomy, very luxurious, wholly electronically adjustable with multiple comfort settings … and eight personal massage options. So comfortable. Easy to lay back and allow a fellow journalist undertake the driving during yesterday’s media introduction to this electric seven-seater, when we wafted through the Auckland regional countryside in typical electric vehicle silence.
New Zealand Autocar Magazine
New Zealand Autocar MagazineRob Maetzig
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Luxury to the fore.

There are all sorts of gadgets on board the top model, the two seats in the middle row looking like business class pews from an airliner.

They are complete with tray tables, massage functions and full recline settings. There is a touchscreen in the arm rest to manipulate not only the seats, but control many other vehicle functions too.

While we didn’t drive the Mifa 9 on this occasion (expect a full road test soon) there are all manner of active safety functions and LDV is hoping for a five-star Euro NCAP rating soon.


Here you will find the details but please feel free to contact us for further information.